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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth decay will never get better if left untreated. An area of demineralization will turn into a cavity and continue to grown until treated. If you neglect a cavity, it can destroy a tooth. Dr. Zweig will conservatively treat your tooth decay with tooth-colored fillings that blend seamlessly into natural dentition. We do not place metal fillings, which contain hazardous mercury. Instead, we use strong, reliable composite resin to maintain your smile's health and beauty!

A tooth-colored filling requires only one visit to We Create Smiles. Dr. Zweig will prepare your tooth by removing tooth decay, and we can administer anesthetic for your comfort. The hole left by decay is then filled with liquid composite resin, tinted to match the tooth. We harden the resin with a curing light, and Dr. Zweig sculpts the new filling so that it complements your bite and your appearance.

Whether you need new fillings or would like old fillings replaced, call We Create Smiles to schedule your appointment with Dr. Zweig today. Our Dallas office is conveniently located for patients in Highland Park, Addison, and Richardson.

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