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Crown & Bridges

Is your smile missing teeth? To replace one or more missing teeth in a row, Dr. Zweig may suggest natural-looking crown and bridgework. With a bridge, you won't have to hide your smile in public. Eating and speaking will become easier, too. Even more important, surrounding teeth won't shift out of place to destroy your bite.

A bridge consists of one or more prosthetic teeth in a row, and we anchor it to a crown on either side of the gap. These crowned "abutment" teeth hold the bridge in place permanently, so you'll enjoy a secure prosthetic. Hidden clasps and beautiful ceramic teeth make modern bridgework practically indistinguishable from natural dentition.

Don't let missing teeth steal your beauty and oral function. Call Dr. Zweig's Dallas dental office today to schedule your visit. We serve patients from throughout DFW with comprehensive care and quality dental work.

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