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How to Deal with Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom Tooth

Teeth are one of the most indispensable assets of your body.But all of us have to experience the tooth pain at some point of time.Mandibular third molar or wisdom teeth eruption, is considered as the last phase of teeth development.Wisdom tooth eruption takes place within the age of sixteen to twenty-five. There are also some cases,where wisdom tooth erupts at the age more than twenty-five. Normally there are fourwisdom teeth, two in upper jaw and two in lower jaw. Every one does not necessarily get four wisdom teeth, some may get less or none.

In most of the cases it develops at the right side of the lower jaw. The wisdom teeth in upper jaw may develop later on. It is observed that, the first wisdom tooth is much painful than the other three. Most of the people find it painful as there is no space in the jaw for it to accommodate.


Have a quick look at the symptoms of wisdom teeth eruptionWisdom Tooth

1.Swelling at the end of the jaws.

2.Irritating sensation on the gums at the portion of toot eruption.

3.Breaking of the gums in pieces.

4.Loosening of the gums at certain places.

5.Disability to open mouth and to chew the food.

6.Bad breath.


1.Use mouth wash ,to prevent bad breath.

2.Using pain killers isn’t a good option.

3.You may avoid the hard and sticky food stuff.

4.In case of too much pain,you must consult a dentist.


Usually,to get rid of the pain ,most of the people prefer extraction of wisdom tooth. In most of the cases dentist suggest removal of wisdom tooth if it is impacted. Here is the list of the complications due to the removal of your wisdom teeth.


2..Lingering jaw pain

3.Pain caused by the nerve damage in lower jaw.

4.Harm to adjacent teeth

5.Sinus complications are also involved.

If you have ever felt,that coping with your wisdom teeth is the end of a Waterloo,then you are terribly mistaken.Definitely, it’s not the end of the battle to protect your teeth.You’ll have to protect your `assets’,atleast for showing them off to your grandchildren.

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